When Global Warming Strikes

No matter where you turn, it is likely you will hear someone say something about global warming or climate change. This subject has infiltrated our public education system, it has dominated political events, and it
frequently is promoted through news outlets. Some will make doomsday predictions, while others claim that the science does not support the alarming cries. How is anyone to know what to believe about what is going to happen to the earth? For the Christian, our final authority is the Word of God. So what does the Bible say about a theology of the

We don’t have to read too far in the Scriptures to see the first reference to the earth.  Genesis 1:1 states, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Truth #1 is that God created the earth. An important sub-point is that all things God created are designed to bring glory to God. Truth
#2 is described in Genesis 6-8; that God destroyed the earth by a worldwide flood. Genesis 7:17-20 makes it clear that this was not a local flood, but a worldwide flood that covered the mountains and every high hill under
the whole heaven.

Both of the truths from Genesis concerning the earth also teach us something about God. God is the Creator of all things and therefore He is to be worshipped. God is also the judge. Therefore, one’s view of the
earth’s history will also be seen in one’s theology of God. Romans 1:18-25 describes man suppressing the truth in his unrighteous state. It is not that man doesn’t know the truth of who God is, because God has shown it to them in the creation. But unrighteous man changes the truth of God into a lie and worships and serves the creature rather than
the Creator.  2 Peter 3 describes how false teachers willingly forget that God destroyed the world by a flood.

Not only does the Bible begin in Genesis talking about the earth, but it concludes in Revelation by also talking about the earth. In Revelation 13, during the future 7-year tribulation period when the Anti-Christ has gained political control over all the earth, he will demand that people worship him. The Anti-Christ will have a press secretary called the “False Prophet,” and the False Prophet will not only cause the people who dwell on the earth to worship the Anti-Christ, but he will also cause the earth to worship the Anti-Christ (13:12). The false worship system of man will reach its climax during this period. A key component of it will be that earth, which is designed to bring glory to its Creator, will become part of a political agenda that worships a man.

Revelation also tells us what is going to happen to this earth after Christ returns to the earth and rules and reigns on the earth for a thousand years. In Revelation 21, John saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first
heaven and the first earth had passed away.  2 Peter 3 provides the details for how this earth will pass away. This time it won’t be by water but by fire. The Lord is going to judge the earth again for its rebellion against its Creator. Global warming will strike. But the cause will not be man, but rather our Creator God as He judges this world.

So when you hear the chatter about global warming or climate change, use it to testify of our Creator God who is coming to judge the earth. Warn them of the time when global warming will truly strike when He destroys the
earth by fire. Share with them the good news of how Jesus Christ came to earth the first time to die for our sins.
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